Who Are We?

Mkozi is a youth motivated start-up that intends to enable the youth particularly university students create alternative income streams. Mkozi intends to do so by connecting university students to clients who need shopping and other tasks done for them.


Share the load with the Mkozi laundry services to revive the freshness of your clothes.

Why Mkozi?


Mkozi through our values strives to deliver quality services to our cusomers efficiently. MKOZI's 90-minute policy ensures that our clients are served within a limited time period. MKOZI's highly skilled agents ensure all clients tasks are completed efficiently. Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that clients get into contact with taskers with a good track record.

  • Convenient
  • Customer Protection
  • High Quality Service
  • Easy Access

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Don't just take our word for it

See what others are saying

Liza Osinde

"Mkozi was at my house at 9am sharp! You don't see that kind of time management very often these days.He came to wash our car. He worked with so much diligence and attention to detail. Mkozi is pleasant to work with and has a very admirable mission that is worth supporting. I will be calling them again!"

Donna Ayebare

"The floor polish expert they got for our house came before time and started doing his work meticulously. He really knew his craft, was friendly to my children and at the end of the task, my guests the next day were just saying wow East and West. The floor keeps shining daily and shows no sign of deteriorating. I am eager to get Mkozi Uganda again to take care of my dog and even polish my TV table. I am proud to use Mkozi Uganda, you should too!"

Kaaya_J on Twitter

"I called an Mkozi today and she was nothing but a perfect defintiion of professionalism with care. Will definitely call again."

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